The Journey of Creating the Future

When technology becomes the gateway to development, anyone regardless of age or status should be able to benefit from the most advanced technology solutions. This is the major factor urging AIC to pursue Smart Nation model.

By perfecting Smart Nation, not only can one gain competitive advantage but also help creating a better life. Several areas will this model have tremendous impacts on are: living environment, infrastructure, public services, and economic system and employment. These are also four key fields AIC Group has been focusing on in over the past twenty years.

In order to provide Vietnam access to world’s most advanced technologies, AIC Group has generously invested in the people – a wise Board of Management with strategic vision among passionate, enthusiastic and creative staffs. With our best efforts, AIC Group hopes to create an advanced, modernized and progressive society.

As AIC Group’s reputation on world stage is increasing, we understand the importance of promoting international trade relations, enhancing economic development and strategic investment as well as nurturing the development of key economic sectors.

The journey of building Smart Nation has begun, join us to create the future!