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HCM City invites investors to invest in smart urban construction

The Global Smart Cities Contest was co-organized by the World’s Smart Cities Organization (WSCO), the Normandy French Tech and the Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Overtaking hundreds of smart city models and projects from many countries worldwide, such as The United States, The United Kingdom, Singapore, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, France, Estonia, etc., Academician Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan – President and CEO of The International Advanced JSC (AIC Group) was awarded the special prize of “World’s Best Smart Nation Concept and Model” in the contest.

This is the great news not only for the technology community in Vietnam, but also a glory for Vietnamese all over the world. This is the first time in history that an honorable award has been granted to a Vietnamese enterprise and individual within a Smart Nation global contest.

Besides this most honorable award, the organizing committee of Global Smart Cities Contest also presented awards in several categories, such as Best Mobility Project (Qlue Performa, Indonesia), Best E-Government Project (Tomi World, Portugal), Best IoT Project (Atcogen, Tunisia), Best Energy (Energy Smart, Estonia) and Excellence Award for innovation in daily activities (Dell EMC)

The WSCO, where top smart city experts gather, promotes ideas and models of smart city and smart nation. According to the organizing committee, the model proposed by Academician Nhan is applicable for nations and cities all over the world. Most smart city solutions implemented now only focus on one specific area such as mobility, smart energy management, smart healthcare, safe city, etc.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan, Ph.D. – Vietnamese businessman, receives the title of "International Intelligent City Ambassador" and "CEO has the best view of the national economy"

The smart nation solution established and developed by Academician Nhan and her colleagues at AIC Group was highly evaluated by the organizing committee. It enables interconnections from central government organizations to ministerial and provincial organizations, even to departments and entities within provinces, such as schools, hospitals and enterprises.

“This integrated model is based on smart applications, big data platform, real time data, artificial intelligence, socio-economic simulation and forecasting model, integrated operation centers at all levels that benefit more than 20 groups of stakeholders from leaders, managers, business organizations, researchers, healthcare professionals, teachers, students, tourists, civilians and all other stakeholders of the society”, said Academic Nhan.

Vietnamese Ambassador to the United Kingdom Tran Ngoc An attended the award ceremony

The international jury also gathered professional evaluations of this model from trustworthy and well-known experts, smart city research institutions all over the world such as Dell Technologies, HP Enterprises, Cisco, Oracle, etc. All of them commented the comprehensiveness, intelligence and feasibility of this model.

In Vietnam, recently there has been unprecedented determination of the Central Party Committee and the National Assembly in implementing smart government and smart cities projects. This time, with the international recognition of the Smart Nation Concep and Model by a Vietnamese enterprise, there is hope for Vietnam to become a smart nation thanks to the contribution of pioneer companies such as AIC Group.

Academician, Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan spoke at the award ceremony

Before this award, Academician Nhan has also received many international and national awards over the past 20 years, such as the Most Outstanding Academician for 10 consecutive years from 2005 to 2015 by the Russia’s International Academy of System Study (IASS), 1st Prize Award for ASEAN Entrepreneurs, Vietnam’s Most Influential Women 2017 by Forbes, Golden Rose Award for Woman entrepreneur, Red Star Award for outstanding young entrepreneur, Top 10 Young Person of Vietnam 2004, etc.

Besides operating her own business, Academician Nhan is also a philanthropist. She has successfully implemented many employment support programs that provided jobs to tens of thousands of the poor, supporting thousands of poor students to work oversea and organizing many international student exchange programs between Vietnam and other foreign countries, attracting billions of dollar of FDI to Vietnam, sponsoring many famous cultural and art exchange events, such as the Sakura Festival acclaimed to be the most unique and beautiful in Vietnam and all over the world. Additionally, Academician Nhan has also provided both financial and technical support to the establishment of a new national TV channel - VTV7 to broadcast educational programs for students since January 2016.

Not just prominent business people, Dr. Thanh Nhan has implemented many programs to help find tens of thousands of poor people job offers.

She has supported agricultural exporting programs for local products, such as lychees, bananas, etc. while domestic economy faces a downturn, specially helping provinces in the Central Region of Vietnam to export seafood when there were environmental incidents.

Academician Nhan also played a significant role in successfully negotiating with Formosa Corporation in 2016 for compensation for causing environmental damages in Vietnam.