Smart Nation Solution

In recent years, the booming of Information Technology - (ICT) solutions and the 4th Industrial Revolution have transformed the whole world. In this trend, a Smart Nation model with inter-connected smart city systems is the aspiration of many developed countries in the world, based on the foundation of solutions for management and operations, services and intelligent interactions in every aspect of our life, meeting the increasing demands of all stakeholders in the society.

With its strategic location in Southeast Asia, political stability, an increasingly integrated open economy and abundant human resources, Vietnam is becoming an attractive destination for global investors. However, in the current context of increasing urbanization, climate change, social disorder, social welfare challenges, etc., it is crucial that the Government of Vietnam come up with a breakthrough solution in terms of governance, management and provision of public services, bringing benefits to all stakeholders of the country.

Within that context, Vietnam’s leaders have embarked on visions and strategic action plans on building an enabling government with the e-government system and smart cities with the ultimate goal of building a Smart Nation - a comprehensive development environment for citizens as well as enhanced global connectivity for Vietnam during the digital age. This determination of the Government of Vietnam can be seen through decision on the establishment of the National e-Government Committee, chaired by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc; and multiple visits of Vietnam’s leaders to learn and research the smart nation and smart city models in many developed. As of now, more than 10 of provinces and cities in Vietnam have officially signed cooperation agreements on developing Smart City models and more than 20 other cities are expected to join the movement soon, all of which fall under the Government of Vietnam's Plan towards a Smart Nation.

The Smart Nation Program is an assertive program of the Government of Vietnam with the goal of creating a gigantic digital space where the close connection of governance and management of all issues of a nation will bring about comprehensive, equal and inclusive benefits to all members of the society. There are at least 20 groups of beneficiaries in this program, including:

Leaders, managers; Civil servants; Deputies to the National Assembly (aka Parliament) and People's Councils (aka local parliament); Voters; Patients; Doctors and nurses; Students; Teachers/Lecturers; Researchers; Foreign Investors; Athletes; Artists; members of the armed forces; Judges; Lawyers; Journalists; The Vulnerable; Enterprises –Entrepreneurs; Tourists and Citizens, just to name a few.

We have solutions for:

  • Operation center for goverment
  • Operation center for ministries
  • Operation center for cities/ provinces
  • Operation center for enterprises
  • Operation center for manufacture factories

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