Smart Education

With the direction and strategy for development of smart education project, our focus comprises of the following:
- Advice on solutions for education and training;

- Invest in systems of smart schools across the country;

- Train and upskill educational managers and teachers to national standards;

- Provide English training courses locally and overseas to Vietnamese teachers across Vietnam;

- Build smart management programmes to manage the quality of education and training;

- Digitalise textbooks and teaching programmes to meet international standards and to apply them to national education framework from kintergarden to university;

- Build evaluation and assessment programmes;

- Invest in Television education channels in conjuction with Vietnam Television Corporation;

- Provide international exchange programmes;

- Bring foreign experts and teachers from overseas to Vietnam to provide professional training courses.

We have solutions of smart education in the new era:

  • Operation Center for smart Department of education
  • Smart university solutions
  • Smart solutions for kinder garten, primary, secondary, high school
  • International English training and certificate programs



1 - Managers

+ Report System

+ Teacher management System

+ Student management System

+ Management system for Offices of Education and Training

+ Schools management system

+ Testing and quality assessment system


2 - Teachers

+ Training program system for teachers

+ Teaching materials repository system

+ Tool System to author interactive lectures

+ Students management system

+ Test and Assessment System

+ System for connecting with parents

+ Forum / Social networking to share experiences among teachers

3 - Students

+ Learning materials repository system

+ Tools to create interaction/ social networking

+ Online teacher system

+ Self-test and self-assessment system

+ Report System

+ System for connecting learning and exchanging experience with the country and internationally.


4 - Parents

+ System for tracking students’ learning process and outcomes

+ System for exchanging information between the authorities and parents

+ System for exchanging information between teachers and parents


5 - Other beneficiaries

Forums for exchanging education and training information

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