Smart Healthcare

We are the leaders operating in health and pharmacy sectors. We cooperated with the relevant Ministryand various departments across Vietnam in providing total solutions and products and equipment to those stakeholders. Our key main areas comprise of the following:
- Provide consultancy for health development master plan; provide total solutions for improving the quality of health sector;
- Provide training courses for health managers and employees overseas and bring foreign specialists and experts to Vietnam to traing health
managers and employees;
- Provide state of the art medical equipment and facilities;
- Distribute pharmacy and medicines
- Apply information technology to health sector management, hospitals and health sector;
- Organise international exchange programmes: bring medical professors and experts to Vietnam to provide advanced training and examination and medical consultancy for Vietnamese patients. (Photo: American relationship in thought).
- Invest in building and developing stem cell centres in conjuction with provision of medical health check and treament in Vietnam in cooperation
with the Vietnam Acadamy of Science and Technology and Cho Ray Hospital


Operating center of health service  assures the unified connectivity of the health fields, solving outstanding problem of health sector such as collecting reported information, analyzing data in real time and the decision giving of managers based on collected datas from direct department of healths and collected information from social networks.

Operating center set up monitoring system to ensure information safety for the underlying department of healths.

To create a forum for information exchange, remote consultation among doctors of different department of health, to improve the quality of health care of health’s department.

At the same time, it assists people and patients in reaching to advanced and modern medical services in the world, reduces waiting time and medical expenses for patients.


AIC had cooperated with Korean/ Japanese companies to introduce/ apply stem cells technology to Vietnam. (Photo: Stem cells project. Total invested amout US$ 30 million).


Paramount Bed provides a total solution for the areas of Resuscitation, Health / Nursing, Home Care. The range of products is very diverse: emergency beds, rehabilitation beds, transport equipment, beds for infants and children, hospital furniture, operating tables... In Vietnam, with the genuine distribution of AIC Group, Paramount Bed products have been present at over 80 hospitals nationwide


Managing and distributing system of medicine and medical materials for smart hospitals:

  • Reducing the amount of materials in stock => Reducing maintaining expense.
  • Reducing storing area => Reducing construction costs.
  • Systemizing materials, information and workflow => Improving managing performance.
  • Assisting clinical departments => Improving workforce distribution, reducing labor costs in the hospital.
  • Controlling materials in stock, reducing the cost of drugs and hospital materials
  • Controlling and systemizing materials information in the hospital => Reducing purchasing costs.
  • Conducting period management in sterilization => Safety guaranteed.

Managing and distributing system of centralized medicine in provincial and municipal scales.

  • Managing the total amount of medicine in the city by real time.
  • Tightly managing drug quality (centralized and strict input testing => avoiding counterfeit drugs and drugs in poor quality).
  • Increasing the efficiency of drug use, reducing the amount of drugs in stock, avoid expired drugs due to long-term stored condition.
  • Preventing negativity in drug and medicine uses (prescribing multiple times the same drug,…).
  • Assisting supervisors with the actual situation to make reasonable operating decisions.


At present, the model of food safety management in the chain with the participation of all parts from the farm to the table with the process: supply chain, manufacturers, quality management- control and consumption.

In that chain, we participate in the process of quality management- control of food safety and hygiene. We are a leading company in the country with a lot of experiences in consulting, providing solutions, building models of food hygiene and safety testing centers to ensure the control of the goods by Vietnam standard as well as international standard.


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