Natural Resources and Environment

Nowaday, the issue of environmental protection and climate change is a matter of global concern. After many years of experience in environmental treatment of developed countries in the world, as well as research on environmental issues in Vietnam, AIC has determined to launch its business in Vietnam.

With partners from leading corporations in the world and advanced technology from developed countries such as Japan, America, Europe, AIC has been successful in many environmental treatment projects in Vietnam in various fields and in more than 50 provinces throughout Vietnam. AIC has received the trust of customers and honored to receive the Gold Cup for environmental care in Vietnam. (Photo: Waste treatment under BOT form. Total invested amout: US$ 165 million).

To keep up with the Industry Revolution, we have solutions for:

  • Operation Center of Department of Natural resource and Environment
  • Intelligent Management System for Natural resource and Environment
  • Intelligent Land Management system
  • Waste/ wastewater processing system
  • Technology of creating water from the air
  • Technology of purifying seawater into fresh water
  • Gas/ ordor treatment technology

We also provide other products/ services:

1 - Environment treatment

  • Environmental treatment of the health sector: waste water, waste.
  • Large-scale domestic wastewater treatment
  • Small and medium wastewater treatment
  • Leachate treatment.
  • Close the garbage dump
  • Large-scale, small and medium-scale household waste treatment
  • Dealing with industrial environment
  • Handling of shipping environment, seaport.
  • Waste water and hazardous waste.
  • Treatment of soil pollution, residues of plant protection substances.

2 - Environment index monitoring

  • Water monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Monitoring of solid waste
  • Monitoring of the land environment and marine environment
  • Radioactive monitoring
  • Automatic acid monitoring
  • Conservation of biodiversity
  • Hydrological monitoring.
  • Fixed monitoring system
  • Mobile monitoring system
  • Handheld instruments

3 - Climate Change

  • Technology transfer for environmentally friendly dyke and embankment materials.
  • Consultant design dyke system, anti-erosion and flood.

Our services

  • Consulting
  • Design and build software
  • Provide equipment
  • Training and technology transfering

The technological advantages of AIC

  • Advanced, modern, meet the Vietnam environmental standards Vietnam and International standards.
  • Fast implementation time.
  • Easy to use, high stability, high product life
  • Low operating costs, space saving

After sales service

  • Commitment to warranty, maintenance, training, operating instructions, troubleshooting.
  • Professional staff
  • Consulting and supplying chemicals.
  • Update technology, new standards, help customers always peace of mind about the environment.

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