Dong Nai: Towards a smart city

More recently, the notion of a city or a smart metropolis has become increasingly popular in many national and international forums. Basically, this is the model of the city applying information technology, artificial intelligence to manage and use energy resources and natural resources effectively.

A corner of Long Khanh urban.

Intelligent city model also aims to raise the standards of urban living, improve service quality, enhance the interaction between the city government and the people.

* The overall operating system trend

Recently, the provincial People's Committee co-ordinated with the International Progressive Joint Stock Company (AIC), headquartered in Hanoi, to organize a workshop on architectural framework and solutions for building Dong Nai into a smart city. At the seminar, many solutions on smart city construction are introduced and consulted by local and foreign experts.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan, General Director of AIC shared, a feature easily seen in the developed cities in the world such as Singapore, Tokyo, London ... is to use intelligent control center to handle the city's work as well as data, forecasts for socio-economic development, planning management.

Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Tran Van Vinhassigned Department of Planning and Investment to be the coordinator to build the roadmap to report to the provincial People's Committee. Issues of education, health, transportation, fire prevention ... will be prioritized. In the course of implementation, the departments and branches cooperate with consulting units to formulate the Dong Nai construction project into a suitable smart city.

From the overall management center of a smart city will connect with each component center such as e-government administration, intelligent transportation, health, education, employment management, secondary emergency rescue ...

According to the consultancy unit, in smart cities such as Tokyo (Japan), Incheon (Korea) ..., urban management is put on top. In particular, procedures for registration, land management, planning management system, drainage, power supply, underground works, apartment building ... are digitized by Database system through 3D laser lazer scanning technology, unmanned radar technology ...

Executives can access at any time with the software to manage the data infrastructure, quickly detect technical infrastructure incidents, as well as compare objects, detecting faults that are characteristic. Visually through the operating system. At the same time, people and businesses are enhanced to interact, shorten the registration procedures, as well as access and monitor the management ...

According to international experts, in order to implement intelligent urban areas, the local government must have a master plan, including financial resources, investment plans, management and operation of items during the construction process. . The construction of a smart urban management center should ensure connectivity, compatibility with existing operating centers, and selected units for smart urban construction.

* Dong Nai will be a pilot province

Dong Nai is a fast urbanization of the country. Over the past years, the province has implemented some intelligent monitoring and control applications such as establishment of centralized traffic control center, bus journey monitoring, traffic monitoring camera, system traffic signal control, monitoring waste water sources through automatic monitoring stations ...


However, the pressure on the population has caused many problems in management and development strategies. Technical infrastructure has not kept pace with urbanization, management capacity in planning, strategy building, technology capacity is still not synchronous, many difficulties and limitations.

According to Tran Minh Tuan, Deputy Director of the Information and Communication Strategy Institute (Ministry of Information and Communications), the goal of the Government is to 2020 Vietnam will have 3 cities built smart cities : Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. After that, provinces and cities in the neighboring areas such as Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Bac Ninh and Hai Phong will be the next ones to be implemented.

Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Tran Van Vinh said that the smart urban construction is trending in many big cities in the world, aiming to build a safe living environment, connecting many utilities to the people. . For Dong Nai, the smart urban construction will have to be calculated and scrutinized from the actual situation of the locality.


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