VTV7 help create equality in learning

This morning (20/11), the ceremony broadcast experiment to test the system and technical process of VTV7 took place at 11:30. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Pham Vu Luan - Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Education and Training; Tran Binh Minh - Member of the Party Central Committee and the entire Board of Directors of Vietnam Television.
The launch of the channel VTV7 is a long process with careful preparation and investment in all copies of both the manpower and equipment and machines as well as Vietnam Television Production Center Education programs. Since its establishment, the Center for Manufacturing Education programs aim to bring the best education, the most practical closer to the television audience.

With the actual contents, close the attractive form of expression, these broadcasts on kenhVTV7 not just revolve around the subject of education in schools, but also additional knowledge outside the school. Learning from history is great, 5 new English words every day for the next career path, 7 minutes for breakfast ..., all expressed enthusiasm that team Reporter, editor, cameraman, director of VTV7 reserved for the "grown man".
Has been the subject of education, however, the programs produced by VTV7 completely different from the traditional curriculum heavy on theory which, by the production team of the channel you want to aim to inspire inspiration, not merely transmitting knowledge. With the slogan "For a learning society", TV channels VTV7 National Education hopes to inspire many audiences as this is an attractive way to learn, fastest and most effective.

Speaking at the ceremony, General Director Tran Binh Minh Vietnam Television said: "Although it is not a channel opening day but today is an important day marked the efforts of more than 2 years, Vietnam Television, the General Public AIC company of the Ministry of Education and Training. 2 years is a process very arduous struggle by launching a channel is not simply a matter of the license but also the problem of how to VTV7 deserve a national television channel. "

"Currently, we can not say that everything is 100% prepared. We are more than a month to race against time to produce the program, building format, bought the rights and finishing techniques to broadcast official 1/1/2016 VTV7 channels ".

CEO stressed: "With the desire to build a learning society, I believe that the introduction of VTV7 will get forward, welcomed by the whole of society".

Minister of Education and Training Pham Vu Luan expressed his pleasure at the introduction of VTV7: "For us, the broadcast test and the upcoming formal education programs VTV7 a extremely important event, associated with the implementation of a thorough, extensive and effective social policy to build learning Party set. Besides, VTV7 also provide lectures in the spirit of innovation standards to students, students in all regions of the country ".

Minister Pham Vu Luan said: "The launch of VTV7 help students have the opportunity to reach out to teachers, teaching and learning methods most modern, contribute to equality in receiving the Social learning. This is also the supreme goal of education ".


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