International experts make suggestions for HCM City Flood Protection

Evaluation of flooding in the city, an international group of experts said that the situation was flooded to the "red alert", especially floods between September this year. The city is still 31 points to be addressed and flooded with speed as the current building will also arise flooded sites.
With the current situation, HCMC needs to calculate worst-case scenario to about 12% city dwellers suffer disaster, 23% eroded land unusable. GDP may even regressed many years by major floods arise. Meanwhile, the solution to prevent flooding of the city today has been implemented not meet the practical requirements.
To prevent flooding, expert group proposed 6 overall solution and specific measures for the river system, the valley and the city sewer system. Also, the recommendations need to expand and upgrade the wastewater drainage system in the city; regional planning of drainage, water storage tank, pit, pipe, temporary storage.
According to the expert group, the city should be full application of new technology to upgrade older systems and build new infrastructure for combating floods with faster time and better durability. The solutions include: emergency measures, short-term solutions and long-term solutions. At the same time, take measures such as hydro-treatment technology combining flood control, living with domestic models, or methods Smart Flood.
According to experts from Germany, previously, people try to solve the problems related to flooding in air conditioning systems and plumbing systems. The practical result is only partially solved, floods still damage the environment. For effective flood protection, must accept the laws of nature. Excluding this rule, people will fail.
Humans have to live with floods and implementation of intelligent solutions; create space for water. European nations have spent $ 5 billion to create new space for the water to return to natural water and not to act against the laws of nature.
Along with that, people are equipped with the information system to maneuver the water alive and active return to normal life when the water down. Meanwhile, experts from Japan to focus on urban water storage solutions, broken drains, tank regulator, the city's sewers.
Going along with technological factors, experts say the human factor implement anti-flooding projects in the city is the decisive factor, therefore the strategic need for training of human resources for this activity ...
Mr. Le Thanh Hai - HCM City Party Secretary, said wetlands are the challenges that the city faces, affect economic growth, quality of life, causing a sensation among the people.
Appreciate the solutions that foreign experts group consultation, suggestion, Mr. Le Thanh Hai proposed Municipal People's Committee and demand listening to revise the scheme against flooding; treated locally and pressing the point flooded localities. At the same time, authorities proposed solution research, investment, construction problems so effective against flooding and save.

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